BREFER olives began its career back in 1988, starting up as a family-run company, a value which at present is still at the core of our business spirit.

Defined by its innovative drive, BREFER uses both THERMAL SEALING and PASTEURIZATION processing whilst maintaining its dedication to the elaboration of traditional artisan products with the aim of obtaining the maximum quality and distinction in its field.

Our company has been awarded with the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate and is currently in the process of obtaining the IFS Quality Protocol Certificate (International Food Standard).

With an extended export capacity anywhere in the country, BREFER provides you with an expert sector commercial team,  exclusively oriented to the international arena


  • BREFER SUITS YOUR NEEDS – Offering you the possibility to brand our products with your name.
  • QUALITY AND SATISFACTION GUARANTEE- Maintaining quality and service all year round.
  • FORMAT VARIETY– We work with both PET and glass containers in different formats
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE – Highest standards of reliability and courtesy

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